About Studio FER

FER stands for Full Exposure Rotterdam. We solve your problem by creating distinctive digital identities backed by research. Our team uses psychology, AI and personalised strategies to increase and modernise your online presence. Improving the perception of transparency, openness and awareness of your brand towards your audience. Whether you are an entrepreneur or if you represent a large firm, our use of a freelance creative network allows us to scale accordingly.

Photostudio in Rotterdam

The photography studio of Studio FER is located in the center of Rotterdam. The space consists of a photostudio, and a shared space with 12 other creatives. We are positioned on a crossroad between the quality of digital and the beautiful aesthetics of analogue. Rent our photostudio or hire a photographer specialised in Portraits, Editorial, Fashion, or Marketing / Campagne. Need a session? We got you.

Executed work for

Artefact, ASOSJAAL, The Original Cones, Openbaar Ministerie, Okaia, Unilever, Vers Beton, OPEN Rotterdam, Depart, Gemeente Rotterdam, Firstserved Vintage, Tasty Lemon, Natuurhistorisch Museum, Vague Vintage, Gorilla Services, Color Concepts, Plaatboef Rotterdam, and more.